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Sleep Mask-Dora Maar

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13EUR (11EUR + VAT)

the masterpieces never sleep...

The design award winning sleep mask collection of the Swedish-Belarusian Shuba Gift Factory made a huge success around the world. The outside of this hand sewn sleep mask is silk and the inner one is 100% cotton that makes it super comfy. It not only helps you to have long and relaxing sleep but it’s guaranteed that these painted heroes will stay awake and guard your rest.

- NOKO art & design
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When night begins and the museum halls turn empty, the art masterpieces stay awake and look from the darkness. Till the morning they don't close their eyes, monitoring what happens around. By trying on the mask with painting character's eyes, you can be sure that you'll see true masterpieces in your  dream. Your dreams will be protected because these heroes will be around you with watchful eyes all night long. Sleep tight!

Pablo Picasso: Dora Maar

They met in 1936 in the famous café in Paris, in the Les Deux Magots where Picasso had dinner with his friend, poet Paul Eluard. Dora’s and Pablo’s eyes met. Impressed he mumbled a few words in Spanish – the language Dora knew perfectly, since she had spent her childhood in Argentine. They fell into talk, and Picasso moved to her table. Many years later Picasso told that Dora was wearing black gloves embroidered with rose flowers that evening. She entertained herself stabbing spots between fingers of her left hand lying on the table with a knife. At one point she slipped a fraction of an inch. Picasso asked Dora to give him her blooded gloves. All his life he kept them in a special shadow box.

International awards:

  • Gold (Rijks Studio Awards)
  • Silver(The Dieline Awards)
  • Bronze (Red Apple International Advertising Festival)


The mask is made of environmentally friendly materials.
Materials silk (Atlas)-outside, padding polyester-inner layer, 100% cotton-inside, elastic band
Pattern digitally printed – Pablo Picasso:Dora Maar
Sewn by hand
Design Lesha Limonov
Manufacturer Shuba Gift Factory Ltd., Minsk, Belarus
Made in Belarus
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