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Pegzini Family

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14EUR (11EUR + VAT)

The five most daring laundry pegs the world ever seen. Gravity defying and laundry drying!

- NOKO art & design
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The five most daring laundry pegs the world ever seen. Pegzini Family is a famous acrobat dynasty who will amaze even your neighbours. Their motto is “Gravity defying and laundry drying!” Now you have the chance to get to know these amazing family members:

  • Mr Pegzini is the head of the family and the king of the jugglers
  • Mrs Pegzini the daring trapezist who is adored not just by her husband
  • Ms Pegzini the reckless tightrope walker who can seduce anyone if she wants
  • Master Pegzini the strongest among the strongmen, the dream of every woman
  • Mr P. Monkey the hilarious unicyclist who is the symbol of eternal joy

Designed by Oded Friedland, character illustrator: Inbal Hoffman


A set of 5 laundry pegs
Material plastic
Size 13x5x1,7 cm
Weight 200g
Manufacturer Monkey Business Design Ltd, Israel
Made in China
Copyright 2011 all rights reserved Monkey Business Ltd.
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| 5 out of 5 Stars!

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