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Totem Butterfly - creative deco

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15EUR (12EUR + VAT)
Discount: 12%

Bring summer into your home with this vibrant Totem Butterfly creative deco. Place it on your table or hang it from your ceiling, either way the result will be gorgeous.

- NOKO art & design
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In Greek butterfly is psyché, means spirit. This wonderful creature symbolizes  the constantly changing soul that can be unique in all phases. The purple-pink Totem Butterfly can be a great present to women and children who value the beauty of nature.

Decorate your home with artistic home decor made from recycled, sturdy cardboard with eco-friendly painting (vegetable ink). The totem is 100% biodegradable. These stunning products are inspired by sustainablilty, creativity and playfulness that take you back to the magical world of childhood as you need to build them as a 3D puzzle. Studio ROOf  is an exciting Dutch design company which offer an eco-friendly approach to the act of playing through their various home decor and toys that make both adults and children happy.


Package delivered flatpacked, 2 x A4 sheet with 18 pieces (pop-out)
Material printed, recycled, sturdy cardboard, vegetable ink, 100% biodegradable
Size 26x25x25 cm
Manufacturer Studio ROOF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Made in the Netherlands
All Rights Reserved!
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