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Our Story

The story of NOKO art & design started in 2014 when we first had the idea of launching a webshop that actually happened in 2016. My husband was always up to date on architecture and interior design because of his job and I’m a real travel fan. I have been to several countries and lived in a few as well therefore I had the chance to get to know different cultures.

From the beginning our aim was to sell unique and good quality design home accessories that help others creating a real inspiring and fun home. Because we want to offer original items we contact directly the designers or manufacturers to have their permission of selling their products. This mutual reliance is very important not just in the relationship with designers but with our customers as well.

NOKO is a two people little business. We do all the work relating to marketing, acquisition, customer service, our blog and everything that needs for a well-functioning company. We believe if we put our heart and all of our energy into NOKO, if we pay attention to our customers and build trust we will be able to keep a steady high level standard in a long run.

We have collected our favourite design products from small manufactures from all around the world. We’re continuously expanding our product range and developing our webshop to create a real exquisite brand.

Noémi and Kornél



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