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Classic Boat - 3D puzzle

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11EUR (9EUR + VAT)

Build it and sail with this magical sailing boat to the land of fantasy. Develop your kid’s handicraft and creativity with the fantastic Classic Boat 3D puzzle that is made of environmentally friendly materials.

- NOKO art & design
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Although it takes a little time and patience to assemble all the 19 pieces but at the end your kid will be super proud to be able to build his own toy. The 6x17x23 big classic boat will be loved by every green family. Raise awareness and play!

Decorate your home with artistic home decor made from recycled, sturdy cardboard with eco-friendly painting (vegetable ink). The 3D puzzle is 100% biodegradable. These stunning products are inspired by sustainablilty, creativity and playfulness that take you back to the magical world of childhood as you need to build them as a 3D puzzle. Studio ROOf  is an exciting Dutch design company which offer an eco-friendly approach to the act of playing through their various home decor and toys that make both adults and children happy.


Package delivered flatpacked, 3 x B6 sheet with 19 pieces (pop-out), assembly instructions can be found on the inside of the packaging.
Material printed, recycled, sturdy cardboard, vegetable ink, 100% biodegradable
Size 6x17x23 cm
Manufacturer Studio ROOF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Made in the Netherlands
All Rights Reserved!
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